5 Closet Hacking Tips

A fashionista’s closet is her best friend. It’s what her whole life revolves around, her personality, lifestyle, and career. We have to make sure like any other room our closest’s are just as clean. If your closest’s a mess so is your life. Here are five tips to keep your closet organized.

  1. I tried colored coding but I don’t have plain colored stuff so it was hard for me. Instead I arranged my shirts lights in the front darks in the back. color code.jpeg
  2. Hang your purses on hooks in your closet to save storage.Handbags-hooks.jpg
  3. Section off your closet. For example jackets and coats in one part of your closet, and shirts in the other. Instead of having all your clothes mixed up together, try to keep them in sections just so everything is easier to find.spongebob.gif
  4. GET A SHOE ORGANIZER you don’t even have to use it for shoes. You can use it for
  • Scarfs
  • Umbrellas
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Makeup
  • Socks
  • Mini purses + wallets

5. Take Pictures of your clothes so you know whats in your closet. This way if you’re really tired and too lazy to get up, you can pick out your outfit from your bed. You can also use these pictures when your shopping, thinking about what you’re buying based on what’s already in your closet. There is also an app for keeping your clothes on your phone called Stylebook, I use it and it’s great. closet-tips-2

Hope my tips helped, Make Sure to follow for more. Love Darnae

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