What Would Happen if You Ate Lipstick

There have been times when I got a little hungry and just couldn’t wait for a restaurant, and put my lipgloss on and just started constantly licking my lips. Like I would actually eat the lipgloss, I bet that’s what you thought I was going to say in the beginning huh. I have always thought about what would Happen if you ate a lipstick tube or squeezed lipgloss into your mouth. Even while writing this my stomach hurt at the thought of how gross that would be. At the same time desperate times call for desperate measures.

  1. It would taste really bad, no matter how good it smells.
  2. When you wear lipstick/lipgloss and eat something little bits of it go into your mouth, so you’ve obviously tasted a little of it in your lifetime. beyonce sandwich.gif
  3. Eating a large amount or any amount won’t kill you, but you would probably get sick since lipstick/gloss wasn’t made for eating.
  4.  Lot’s of chemicals are put into making lipstick/gloss. Just like gum it smells great taste good but I wouldn’t make it a meal (if that makes sense).
  5. I’m sure on some episode of “My Strange Addiction” there is somebody that loves to eat lipsticks and glosses. I mean you see the crap they eat on that show already so I’m sure this is nothing, but just picture how messed up your teeth would look.

For now I would just stick to wearing it haha get it stick.


Love Darnae,

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