4 Cool Things About Black Girl Hair

Put down the relaxer and listen up. If your not that confident with your cute curls or kinks then here are some things you might want to here. Don’t get me wrong I love getting my hair flat ironed, but I also love my curls. Every Black woman should understand how unique our hair is because it has character.large.gif

  1. We Can do Whatever we Want with it- Straight, natural, weave, braids, in a scarf, you name it we can do it all. Black hair is light enough to do anything with. For cultures with naturally straight hair it might be a little harder to keep a curl or extra volume in because, the hair is heavier ex: Japanese girls. Since our hair is so kinky the strands of hair can lock together. That’s why when you braid your hair you usually don’t have to tie it off.
  2. We Can Wear our hair Any way and Won’t be Judged- The world can be cruel let’s face it. A lot of the hairdo’s we have now were created by black people, braids, knots, afro. Our hair is naturally wild, and we have to do something to keep it manageable. You won’t walk down the Street and here someone tell a black girl they copied a white hairdo, but you will probably here someone say that a white person copied a black hairdo. I personally think it’s ok if cultures adore and want to embrace other cultures.giphy.gif
  3. We Have the Cutest Accessories- We wear beads, gold clips, hair knocker scrunchies (hair ties with the balls on them), head scarfs, and I remember in one of my old schools we use to trade hair barrettes. Don’t Touch My Hair Girlfriend!tumblr_oelqyxQ4kk1qb9pa3o1_500.gif
  4. We Don’t Have to Wash it Everyday- Our Hair is not that oily and tends to be dry a lot if we wash it more times than we should. That’s where the afro comes from. pat+yo+weave+gif.gif

For my Black Girls out there embrace your Civil Rights hair, and remember your hair isn’t just something on your head it’s your character, personality, love, unity, and power. Face it our hair will never be basic. Hope you enjoyed

Love Darnae,

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