Fashionable Birthday Pics 

April 11th was my 15th Birthday. I spent the day getting my hair and nails done, and it was pretty nice. Here are some fashionable bday pics and Happy Birthday to all my April babies. 

Look at that fro😏. My birthday outfit, and before I got my hair done. 

My Birthnight outfit (yes I couldn’t come up with a better caption😂). This was actually what I wore at night for dinner, but this picture was taken the day after my bday. 

My beautiful birthday tiara, can you believe it was only $6 😱, shopping tips post coming soon. 

My Aries purse that tells you the birthdates of Aries in the back. 

A pic taken the day before my bday that I edited. 

Hope you liked these pics, stay fashionable. 

Love Darnae💋

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