5 Ways to Find the Clothes You Want!

Have you ever gone through a magazines, wishing you had the clothes you saw. We’ve all been there before, but have you ever thought of actually trying to find them. Although they’re all most likely expensive, there are ways to get around that.

  1. If you see a cute hat or top with a saying on it in a magazine, search the saying up and hopefully you’ll find something like it for a lower price. brown suga babe.jpg
  2. Cut out or take pictures of clothing items you want from magazines, and have them with you at all times while shopping at stores. This way when you go shopping you’ll know exactly what your looking for.
  3. Search up the brand name of the clothing or find out what they call that style of pants or top                        styles.jpg
  4. Make it Yourself. If you really can’t find it in your price range try making it. You could probably find a DIY on YouTube (btw my YouTube darnaejames). bow down.jpg
  5. Make sure they don’t look like fake versions of things. They can’t look exactly like a certain brand that is easily recognizable. This is because there are certain designs that are a signature to certain brands. Let me tell you Levis tried to get away with making some Timbs, like haha you tried it. DON’T JUST DON’T, even if they’re also a popular brand they shouldn’t be copying another brands exact design and calling it their own. Did you also know Forever 21 is being sued by Puma for stealing their Rihanna designs with the fur covered slides. I saw them and wanted them, but I knew they did look like fake Fenty. shoes

Hope my tips helped talk to you later, Love Darnae.


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