4 Amazing Lip Glosses We Should All be Using

When it comes to my lips I always go with a gloss, I like matte, but gloss always makes you stand out. Here are a few lip gloss tips to make your lips cool and make your lips poppin’.

  1.  Victoria Secret is at the top of my list because their glosses smell good because of the flavor, and they’re nice and smooth.

lip gloss vs.jpgvslips.jpg

2. Forever 21 lip gloss is kind of the same thing, but smaller and easier to put in your pocket. They also don’t have a flavor and taste like nothing, which is good but I personally love the ones that make my lips smell nice.


3. NYX is so creamy and satisfying to put on your lips omg. It also gives you a lot more color as well as shine. Perfect for a first lip stick.



4. A lip gloss you made yourself. One of the lip glosses I use I actually made myself and I love it. I made it with vaseline and an icy flavoring that you use to flavor your homemade icy’s. It took me a really long time because I cut the bottom of an old lip gloss tube and had to seal it back up some how. I just used aluminum foil and a whole bunch of gems to cover it all up.


I know wtf was I thinking right, truth be told I actually like it.

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