the Pros and Cons of Thrift Shopping

I love thrift shops, I like that there is stuff you can’t find anywhere else. Although thrift shops are cool they do have their ups and downs. If you were thinking of shopping at a thrift store here are some things to take into consideration.

Cons because bad news first

  1. They usually don’t smell the best. I guess when people give their clothes in they don’t clean them, same with their shoes.
  2. Since the smell is bad in there it may draw you away from the clothes and accessories.
  3. There could be stains or buttons missing on clothes. Then again that could be fixed.
  4. If you really like something but it’s partly broke you’ll have to fix it. You won’t get a damage discount either because everything in there in pretty cheap anyway.
  5. Someone you don’t even know used to wear though’s clothes. Although someone you don’t even know tries on the clothes in dressing rooms at regular stores too.


Pros- Now the good news

  1. Low prices usually
  2. You can find something unique that no one else has. Fashion designers, stylist for TV shows, and fashion loving celebs love Thrift shops.
  3. After you buy whatever your buying you can up-cycle it. Adding some cool patches on a jacket, or some stitching on a shirt.
  4. Fashionistas like me have to keep an open mind about all types of styles, and different places to get ideas from.
  5. Basically the only place to get vintage clothes.

thrift #2.jpg

Whenever you want to go to a thrift shop make sure you take these things into consideration. Hope you enjoyed, Love Darnae.

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