Why I don’t Trust Guess Anymore

Guess is a well known clothing brand that I adore, but not all the time. My mom is obsessed with their brand, at least she was. She used to be friends with one of the cashiers there but they got fired for some difficulties. Ever since then she’s never really trusted the store or the people in it, they just always seemed shady. Their stuff is really expensive and cheap, I once brought a puff ball that was $10 and it broke a week after. My mom got me a pair of jeans that shrunk in the wash and my jeans never do that. I have a backpack purse that is shedding and the straps are coming off. My mom brought a belt online that was her size that ended up not fitting her at all and she gave it to me, even though it doesn’t fit me either. Now I have a purse that seems to be in good condition so far, but we’ll see. Just had to vent about how annoyed I am with Guess comment if you have the same problems, or is it just me. guess_hero.jpg

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