How To Get Gum out of Clothes

I hate getting stains on my clothes that are hard to get out. Soap and water just doesn’t do it these days. This one time I kept feeling gum on my seat in class, and had to change the chair 3 times. I finally figured out I had gum on my butt, luckily I always keep extra clothes in my locker (something we all should do). I eventually got the gum out, but how you say, well I’ll tell you.

  1. I got as much gum off as possible, and yes with my bare hands I was desperate!
  2. Rap an ice cube up with a paper towel, and rub it on your the gum. This will freeze it.
  3. Keep rubbing the ice on the gum until it comes off.
  4. Finally put it in the wash and your jeans will look like it never even happened.

jeans.jpg                      jeans #2.jpg .

We love our clothes so let’s take care them, hope you enjoyed Like and Follow. Love Darnae

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