The Pros and Cons of Getting Braids

If you’ve seen my YouTube channel (darnaejames) you’d know I have braids in my hair right now. Not just any braids, box braids, and even though I have a lot of hair my mom wanted me to get extensions because they make the hair do last longer. I like the braids, but sometimes they get on my nerve. Here are my PROS and CONS of getting braids.

Good News First


  • You don’t have to do your hair every morning, although you do need to tie it up at night and put oil in it.
  • You can do whatever hair do you want without worrying about combing                   moesha-movie-poster-1996-1020273465.jpg
  • You don’t have to stress over frizz
  • You don’t have to straighten or curl curl them(unless you want to)
  • Braids will last longer

And the bad news


  • You have to make sure you go to a good place because like any beauty salon they could mess up. They kinda did this to my hair but thats another story.
  • You can only leave them in no more than 2 months or you could grow mold(gross).
  • They could make your ends look really bad
  • You have to boil them after your done braiding them
  • Synthetic hair is so stiff and takes a while to get flexible
  • Sometimes they burn the ends and it doesn’t always look cute
  • Your head is sore for a couple of days and your only hair do is a down ponytail
  • If you get the braids really thick theres not much you can do
  • It also doesn’t always look good down


This is my first time getting fake hair extensions since I do have a lot of hair and don’t usually need them. This time my mom wanted me to try extensions so I can see what it’s like and because the braids will last longer.

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