Fashion Trends That Should Make a Come Back

There are a few trends from when I was younger that I think should come back. There are also some trends that I never knew existed, but like enough for me to want them back so I can try them. So here my list.

1) I actually don’t know the official name for name but I just called them ball scrunchies. If your black then you know how it is, I just love how they add character to your hair.

09802a30db42361235bac90a3b0cb538.jpg  braidhair.jpg

2) Hair Barrettes- I have a LIFE TIME SUPPLY OF THEM I mean a COMPLETE COLLECTION. I just love having different ones, almost like rare collectables. Don’t even get me started on how I use to stunt with them on.

446f24c4-24ee-40f5-ad66-03cfd9e86768_1-ad236baabe5b8c54633185ee712f7902-jpeg-119b8b42893886a6ce37acfac8af0b102b6cdaec-optim-580x1168              presilha-4 Rihanna loves Barrettes too

3) Hair Beads- I get my hair braided every summer, and when I was a really young I would always have them with beads. Circular beads, square beads, big beads, little beads any beads. I think I just love anything that gives your hair character.


4) Clear Bras- I really don’t know much about them or that they even existed, but I ran across one and wondered why they don’t exist. clear backless bra straps arround shoulder.jpg

Then I saw the pros and cons of it. You don’t have to worry about your bra showing, you can wear any top you want, and you won’t get sweaty. On the other hand it’s plastic so it could be even more uncomfortable, and you have to really be careful with what you wear because of nipples. So I don’t know do you want to wear this.

wholesale-new-6-pairs-ladies-bra-shoulder.jpg You know what elastic straps to hook on to your reagular bra sound fine enough for me.


5) THE 90’s ARE ALL THAT. I love 90’s style although sometimes I wonder how the hell they thought some of these trends were cute. But thats for another blog post (wink).

I love fluffy sweaters like these and the shiny skirts are my fav.

6) I love Clueless, and if you have never ever watched the movie WATCH IT! The style there is to die for, literally some of it was just weird af. as if.gif

But with some modernizing are totally cute.

2354a33d2afa5c2db153fbbacb73a3ec.jpg cher-clueless.gif

I have always wanted a beret like this because they go with everything.

7) Can someone Please tell me where to Get a cute plaid outfit like this


Peep that fur bag Cher has with that yellow outfit.


Well that’s all I have for now Hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next post.

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