Predictions for 2017 Fashion Trends

Happy New Year!! As 2016 ended and 2017 began I stared to see already what looks would be popular this year. Here are all my predictions. Note that I’m not 100% on this and comment your thoughts.

Velour- I recently Brought some velour pants very cheap price at a store called Danice, found in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. It’s a soft fabric almost like velvet but softer, and I’m seeing a lot of it in Popular stores like Forever 21, and H&M in Jackets, shoes, skirts, and more.

pink-velour-tracksuit-has-touched-your-body.gif 9fc8dfdf4c1b7955838be6b902243261.jpg

Fur I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved fur ever since I was a baby, fake fur of course. 2 years ago I wanted a fur vest but it was really hard to find one, but 2016 and starting up 2017 it’s not hard to find anymore. Just today I was shopping and every store I went it had a variety of them. But don’t get me wrong fur vest aren’t the only fur I’m talking about.

cookie-faux-fur-coat-empire-taraji-p-fashion-needs-jesus-blog.gif 4d6250bca66d04c61398dcca359e2b59.jpg

Timberland Boots- They’ve always been cool but now people are getting different colors and customizing them.

c25d604fcd8daa54b63d53221c504d38.jpg dd837e314195acfc9d641973df415c68.jpg

Bomber Jackets- These were already in trend in 2016 but have really evolved since then. Now there puffier, they have flower stitching on them, and stripes.

570xNxways-to-wear-the-bomber-jacket-nyfw-spring-2014-trend-fashion.jpg.pagespeed.ic.skgC_5irh8.jpg -font-b-jacket-b-font-women-floral-embroidered-bomber-font-b-jacket-b-font-reversible.jpg

Sweat Pants and matching Sweatshirt- Oversized hoodies and sweat pants have never been the most fashionable clothing items, but I like that stores are trying to make it more fashionable. sometimes I just want to go outside wearing comfortable cozy stuff, but I still want to look cute and fashionable.


Clear everything- this one already started but it’s not that big, but I feel like it’s going to become bigger.

Dior_RihannaSunglasses_Rubric.gif img-thing.jpg

Personally I think all the trends that are starting come from cool 90’s looks that are back and better than ever. You know what they say everything comes back after 10 years.

Stay trendy and stay fabulous (my new thing I’m working on) see you later.

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