Broke Peoples Guide to Christmas Shopping, with Darnae

If your a young teenage girl who can’t get a job and is basically broke, with yo $5 self. Or if you just want to get a little gift for somebody, here is a guide for you.

I will go through this list briefly since I have a YouTube video about it too,

*Number 1- Nail polish, you can find cute little cheap ones at the dollar store or a whole set at 5 Below. Make it look like you put a lot of thought into it by adding a nail file and a little bottle of nail polish remover. All things from the dollar store 😉

Image result for nail polish

*Number 2- Puff Balls, these are supper in Trend and only cost a buck at the beauty store, or dollar store. If you live in the city people also sell Really nice ones on the streets along with cute chokers, also only a dollar 😉

Image result for puff ball keychain Image result for choker

*Number 3- Lip gloss, because lip gloss is always cute. Now like I mentioned in my last post about dollar store lip gloss, I wouldn’t get it from there. I would buy lip stick and scented chap stick, but not a chance in hell I would buy there lip gloss. No matter how good it looks don’t trust it, because dollar store can be a trick ass b*tch.

*Number 4- Jewelry, I’ve been seeing these big packages of hoop earrings all around the place. Like I spent $4 on 3 pairs of hoops, and I lost a pair 😦 but there in beauty stores like 10 pairs for $1.25 :0

Image result for hoop earringsImage result for hoop earrings Image result for hoop earrings

*Number 5- Phone cases, you can definitely buy these at 5 Below plus a really cute puff ball charger. Plus you can personalize them 😉

Image result for phone case

Thanks for reading hope I inspired you, Happy Holidays 🙂

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