Facts About Fashion Week You May have not known

In the spirit of all the Fashion Weeks happening I really wanted to post something about it,but what. I had to asked myself one question, How did Fashion Week or even fashion shows begin? I bet you were wondering too and if you don’t want to read through a whole lot of stuff and get straight to the point then keep reading.

  • The designer Charles Frederick Worth started showing clientele previews of his clothes giving the idea of a collection.
  • Until about the 1800’s models were only used for painting portraits, so when designers presented clothing on real life humans to model this shocked the world.
  • This brought ideas of staging shows to showcase what designers have made
  • Ehrich Brothers shop in NY created the first fashion show to get female shoppers attention. Through the years other stores started to do the same
  • The idea of a fashion week came from the “Fashion Parades” they had in Paris
  • Americans got inspiration from Paris, but because of WWII they couldn’t travel to Paris so they made there on shows to showcase American Designers called “Press Week”.Image result for 2016 new york fashion week


Image result for history of fashion models

Image result for history of fashion models











Image result for history of fashion models

Hope you learned a little something today. Follow this blog for for fashion and fun, bye for now.













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