DIY: Strawberry Nails

This is going to be a simple D.I.Y/ nail tutorial of how to make your nails look like strawberries. Here’s what you will need.

You will need…

  • Red nail polish
  • Pink nail polish (optional)
  • Green nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • dot tool (optional)
  • skinny brush (if you don’t have the nail polish that comes with the skinny brush in it already)
  • Glitter nail polish in pink, red, and green (optional)

Before we start if you want you can file your nails in the shape of a strawberry. You know how everyone had those sharp looking nails. That’s what I want to do when I grow my nails out.giphy (1)


Now Let’s Start!

  1. I polished my left hand red and my right hand pink, but you don’t have to do this. You can just polish both hands red, or both hands pink.

IMG_0978 To make the red and pink stand out, I put a coat of glitter pink and glitter red nail polish on. It also made the colors darker to seem more realistic.

2. On the bottom or Top, which ever your choice,white a skinny brush. Put on the green nail polish to shape of leaves


be very careful, you must have a steady hand. If you don’t have that yet let someone else do it for you,

but the moreMTM1NzQ3OTk1MzE5NzA0MDMw you polish your nails the more you will get use to using your left hand.

I also put some glitter green nail polish on to make the leaves seem more realistic.



3. With a skinny brush or dot tool, apply white dots on to make the seeds of the strawberry.


4. Apply the top coat on and your done 😉

IMG_1036 IMG_1090


You don’t always have to go to the nail salon for fabulous nails.








If you want more nail tutorials like this one don’t be afraid to leave me a comment. Also if you know any other way to do strawberry nails comment that too. Love you guys bye for now.







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