#OOTD: 3 Tips How To Dress For Sporty School Event

I put some of my post on draft because they weren’t getting likes and I’ve realized why. Lately I haven’t been focusing on making star quality post, but just putting something good enough out there with my name on it. Lesson learned for any blog starting out like me this isn’t good. So I’m re-writing them to be the star quality work I’m aiming for. BTW sorry didn’t post this Friday but there was some hectic stuff going on so here it is today.

Anyway I’m back with another post and this one is How To Dress For a Sporty School Event. What I mean by this is basketball games, baseball games, soccer games etc. If you don’t want to look dramatic like Beyonce, or musty like some old dude that works at McDonald’s, here are a few tips on how to find the middle of that.

Tip #1– What Kind of Pants are you wearing

For a game that’s played outside I suggest wearing IMG_0815









Sweat pants


(don’t exactly know if these are joggers but…) Joggers


Yoga Pants


And shorts

This is because depending on the weather these pants are comfortable and flexible. When the weather is hot you should wear shorts or yoga pants because it’s don’t take thick warm fabric to make. When the forecast calls for a little rain or some breeze sweat pants will keep your legs warm and you can move around in them easily.










And Jeans are cool for inside games because your mostly going to be sitting anyway.

Tip #2– What top are you wearing

Simplicity is key to great style plus this is just a little game, not some big game Like the NBA.


Wear something plain because you can wear something unique over it. Like a leather jacket or a tie-dye sweatshirt.


I love collard shirts because there like sweaters and a shirt all in one.



A cute denim jacket is simple with a pair of leggings, white t-shirt, and sneakers(not old dirty running sneakers though). You know to keep stylish


I usually girls wearing sweatshirts but they look like they just got out of bed. So instead here’s what you do so you don’t look like that. Wear your best pear of shorts or pants, and roll up your sweatshirt sleeves. Don’t wear running sneakers wear something like Adidas, or Jordan’s, dressy sneaks.


I love rompers because it’s already a whole outfit picked for you. All you have to do is put on a cute jacket and shoes.

Tip #3– What shoes are you wearing

Okay so we kind of already went through this. Don’t wear old, torn up, dirty running sneakers like what the old people wear. Your young and fun and have way cooler sneakers these days like…


Like skippy sneakers you know tennis shoes and all. These are simple, comfortable and with everything.


Anything like Tom’s are a good slip on and wear shoe or Like Van’s.


Adidas I mentioned before are dressy sneakers. Not much for doing, but for show. This is good because your just watching anyway.


Timberland Boots are sneakers and boots in one. Well they’re boots but they look like sneakers too.

For accessories a coin purse, or wristlet is good to hold your money, keys, and phone in. They’re also small so you don’t have to lug a big bag around. Another good idea is carrying a backpack, like the little tiny ones.

Hope these tips helped you and made it easier for you to Pick out an outfit next time you go to a basketball game or something. Comment if it does and I’ll see you on the next post which will be Monday. Bye for now.




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