5 Easy Ways to Persuade your Friend to Lend you Her Clothes

If your like me usually forgetting clothes for gym class, or if your going somewhere and don’t have the money to buy something new here’s an idea. Borrow something from your friend, not just any friend, your best friend someone your really close to and have a similar style with. If you want to borrow one of your besties cute looks, here are 5 ways on how to do it nicely.


  1. Compliment her outfit, tell her how adorable her clothes are and how you would love to dress like that.
  2. If your hanging out at her house suggest experimenting and see how it’s like having her style.
  3. If your interested in a piece of clothing get her take on it then ask her if you can borrow it in exchange for a piece of your clothing or something of value your going to want back. This can be something of yours you know she’s had her eye on.
  4. Don’t just borrow her clothes out of nowhere only borrow if your really in trouble, other than that your just abusing her closetGirls-Shopping
  5. You have to promise to take really good care of her clothes. Keep stains and smells off by washing her clothes, and maybe spraying a very tiny amount of perfume(optional). Iron her clothes and make sure to give them back to her on the day you agreed to or she might not trust you with her clothes again.

Tip: Remember don’t be rude


Why it is important to only give to your friend you really trust- Once one of my good friends let her friend from gym class borrow a shirt that she got for her birthday. After class was over the girl left because my friend could get her shirt back. She asked for it everyday till the end of the year but never got it back. She didn’t care much for after school was over, turns out the girl lost her shirt but paid my friend back with money to get another one. That’s why it’s important to give and take from a close friend because you see them the most so your most likely to give back on time and take back on time.


Sharing clothes is an important thing in teenagers lives it brings you closer to your friends and let’s you try out different styles without spending a dime. Not everyone has to do this though there are other ways to get to know your friend and your personal style. i’l explain it in another post so I don’t make thing any longer.

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