4 Hair Do’s for girls with Curly Hair

I meant to post this up a while ago when my hair was curly, but was distracted by things happening in school. I hope this post is still in style so here we go. Also if you want to see the video version of this go check it out on my youtube channel darnaejames aka welcome to my world.

My first hair do has no specific name but it’s when some of your hair is up and the rest is down

It’s pretty simple to do, like what you would do if you have straight hair but I use certain products to make it curlier and a little easier to manage. You can see the products I use in my video on my youtube channel darnaejames aka Welcome To My World.

1) Get two sections of your hair from the front and comb them back

2) I suggest using a rubber hair tie because they’re easier to get out. I don’t suggest using a big scrunchy because it’ll get loose easier.

3) Then your done but if you want to do the double hair tie like I did just grab hair from the sides of your ears bring it back, and tie.

The second hair do is a side pony-tail


1) Push all your hair to one side over your ear

2) Make sure to brush your hair and use gel if needed

3) Use a big scrunchy because your using all of your hair

The third hair do is two buns


This is a picture from my YouTube video go watch it (darnaejames) aka Welcome To My World

I actually had some trouble doing this but eventually got it.

1) Section your hair into two parts then put both those parts in two pony-tails.

2) If you have hair donuts use those. If you don’t then wrap your hair as is you were putting it in the hair donut

3) Use a lot of bobby pins because they are life savers, and if you want a headband works to make it look cute and girly.

The final look is a pony-tail with a piece of hair out


another photo from my video.

1) section out a piece of hair from the front then gather the rest of the hair to the back

2) Tie the hair up with a big scrunchy

3) Use the same steps from the two buns to make a bun look with this for a more formal event.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and they give you ideas for your curly hair. Leave comments if you have any other ideas for curly girl hair dos and tell me if you did any of these looks any days. Please make sure you follow me and my social media accounts below. Thank you and bye for now

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Sadly this video took a long time to make so the video won’t be posted until Friday. For now go check out my other videos and make sure to like and subscribe thank you


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