How to Make a Fashion Emergency Kit (F.E.K)

Hey guys it’s Darnae here, sorry I’m coming with this so late, but if it were a warmer season I’m sure it wouldn’t be to late because the sun doesn’t go down until 9 lol.

Anyway today I’m going to be showing you my fashion emergency kit, and how I made it. If your like me forgetful, finds herself in fashion emergencies, then keep reading, or if you just love fashion and tips then follow.


First thing you could use is a flashlight, of coarse if you don’t have one on your phone already. Can be used for finding things in your purse or locker if your still in school like me.


Band-aid’s and Neosporin are another good thing to have because you never know when you can get in and accident.

Sadly nail polish chips, and very easy at that. If you have these essentials having your nails look flawless will be easy-peezy, except for the teens at school. I’ll have a separate post for how to polish nails at school.

For the rips and tears of cute clothing it would be wise to carry needle thread, scissors, and special sewing tape you can find at fabric stores, and arts and crafts stores.

Then there’s the cleanliness essentials. of coarse you need deodorant just in case of smelly arm pits, and lotion is for dry skin and ash (for those with darker skin). you need lip gloss for chapped lips just make sure it’s not from the dollar store (relating to one of my older post). You don’t need perfume but it is nice to have if you really don’t want to smell bad. Hand Sanitizer, and makeup wipes are also something in my bag.

These are the most important things for me 1. because I need extra glasses just in case so I can see and 2. I don’t want my ear holes to close.

I like having edge cream because my edges are usually out of control, but the hair ties are important because I notice most of the time girls ask me for them which means you really need to bring them.

Last but not least a hair brush and mirror luckily I have it built in one, for those of you who don’t just hair a travel size hair brush and or comb, and carry a mirror.

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