Why You Should Never Buy No Name Brand Lip Gloss from the Dollar Store

A couple of weeks ago I was going out to the city and I forgot my lip gloss so my mom let me go to the dollar store and some lip gloss for future emergencies, and I am kind of mad with my decisions.




this chap stick had a fun print on it so I thought it would keep my lips from not being chapped and the packaging would look decorative. The color was nice and it applied on my lips really nice but then…


after 10 minutes my lips started to burn and they felt dry and crumbly, so I took it off.

The second lip gloss I really regret buying because it was really crusty on the inside as you can see and…

there was a lot of lip gloss on the stick when I took it out, and when I put it on it was really goopy and crunchy, so it felt like face scrub on my lips.


When I closed it there was so much lip gloss that it squeezed at the top and I had to wipe the lip gloss off.

This is why I will never buy lip gloss from the Dollar Store again. Hope you liked this bye for now.

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