Let’s Run Away

IMG_1672                                 IMG_1673 IMG_1678                                 IMG_1684

” LET’S RUN AWAY ” is what my sweater says from the YouTube star Bethany Mota’s collection. I’m wearing this with a pair of blue jeans, high top sneakers (there not converse but they look like them), a pink sunhat, two gold bracelets, and a brown leather bag. I love this outfit because it’s really cute and casual and I love the color and the leaf pattern on the sweater. The sweater to me is kind of like personification no symbolization of teen life. There is no hemming on the bottom and it looks kind of rugged like no one cared to hem it or like a kid cut it (I’m not dissing it I really like it). The saying “LET’S RUN AWAY ” is like what teens do we run away from the responsibility and the work and we just run to where we can have fun like we don’t care. I think ” LET”S RUN AWAY ” is like getting away from all of it and having fun, and the hemming is like that because teens don’t care, and everyone cuts there shirts these days.


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