10 different ways to use Vaseline

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I thought it would be cute to post these tips because I love natural beauty tips that aren’t about makeup and eyebrows and stuff. Also I thought these tips were pretty interesting myself.

#1) Put vaseline on your eye lashes at night sleep with the vaseline on it will make your eye lashes more fuller.

#2) Rub vaseline on your feet at night then put socks on so in the morning your feet are super soft.

#3) Put vaseline on your lips to use as lip gloss.

#4) Vaseline doesn’t clog your pores so you can use it as a lotion for your face.

#5) If you put it on your teeth it will make your teeth a lot smoother. It will also prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth.

#6) Vaseline is also an extreamly good makeup remover.

#7) After shaving add vaseline to your skin to make it smoother.

#8) Put it on your cuticles and it is a great massager.

#9) Add vaseline to eye brows as a eye brow cream to hold them into place.

#10) Last but not least vaseline reduces the need to scratch your head if you have dandruff.
Hope these tips helped bye.!!!

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